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Company profile



The TES CAR brand is globally acknowledged as a symbol of the renowned compact rotary piling rigs, specialized for operations in confined spaces and sites with limited vertical clearance. The predecessor, Tes Car Srl, was founded in 1976 by Mr. Elio Tonti in collaboration with his son Sauro. Initially, the primary focus was on producing chassis and heavy structures for leading piling rig manufacturers like Trivelsonda and Mait. Subsequently, they diversified into the fabrication of drilling tools and kelly bars. After accumulating two decades of experience in the drilling and foundation sector, Sauro Tonti sought to refine and advance his original concepts and initiatives, culminating in the development of the acclaimed “CF SERIES” and “TES SERIES” special drilling rigs, now widely recognized and endorsed across the globe.

The company offers the following types and models of construction equipment:

  • Bored Piles in Kelly Bar
    • CF1
    • CF2
    • CF2.5
    • CF2.5 PLUS
    • CF2.5 COMPACT
    • CF3 S
    • CF3 S PLUS
    • CF4
    • TT5
    • CF6
    • TT8
    • TT10
  • Microdrilling
    • TES 20
    • TES 40
    • TES 60
    • TT5 DTH
  • Excavators Drilling Kits
    • CF2B KIT
    • CF4B KIT
    • CF6B KIT
    • CF8B KIT
  • Augered Piles in CFA
    • CF4 CFA
    • CF6 CFA
    • TT8 CFA
    • TT10 CFA
  • Diaphragm Walls
    • CF4
    • CF6
    • CF8
  • Kelly Bars, Tools, and Accessories
    • Kelly Bars
    • Core Barrels
    • Buckets
    • Augers
    • CFA Augers
    • Auger Cleaners
    • Casing Pipes
    • Tremie Pipes