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Company profile

Sunward Equipment Group

Sunward Equipment Group

Even in a rapidly evolving world, Sunward America steadfastly upholds its fundamental principles. The company takes immense pride in an enduring dedication to integrity, quality, and a relentless pursuit of innovation. The team at Sunward America recognizes the dynamic nature of markets and industries, adapting continuously, which has propelled the company from its humble beginnings to becoming a significant manufacturer in the construction equipment industry. Sunward America’s commitment is to enhance equipment efficiency, expedite deliveries, and elevate service satisfaction to empower every Sunward America customer.

The company offers the following types and models of construction equipment:

  • Excavators
    • SWE18UF
    • SWE25UF
    • SWE35UF
    • SWE60UF
    • SWE90UF
    • SWE155F
    • SWE215F
    • SWE365F
  • Skid Steers
    • SWL2830
    • SWL3230
    • SWTL4538
  • Drills
    • SWDM60
    • SWDM160
    • SWDM220