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Company profile

Starke (Guangdong Liyuan Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.)

Starke (Guangdong Liyuan Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.)

Guangdong Liyuan Hydraulic Machinery Company Ltd. stands as a prominent piling machine manufacturer in China, distinguished by our commitment to delivering high-quality products. Our approach involves seamless integration of design, research and development, sales, and responsive after-sales service. Notable machines in our range encompass the diesel pile hammer, hydraulic impact hammer, hydraulic vibratory hammer, static hydraulic pile driving machine, crawler piling rig, hydraulic pile driving rig, and bored rotary drilling rig.

Our products have garnered significant demand within China and have achieved international recognition, being exported to regions such as the US, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and more. Acknowledging our dedication to quality, we obtained the ISO9001 (2000 version) certificate in 2000, further affirming our commitment to excellence.

The company offers the following types of construction equipment:

  • Diesel Hammer
    • HD50
    • HD62
    • HD80
    • HD100
    • HD125
    • HD138
    • HD180
    • HD220
  • Hydraulic Impact Hammer
    • HHP5
    • HHP8
    • HHP12
    • HHP14
    • HHP16
    • HHP18
    • HHP20
    • HHP25
    • HHP30
    • HHP40
    • HHP50
    • HHP65
    • HHD1000
  • Piling Rig
    • LH50
    • LH86
    • LH135
  • Vibro Hammer
    • SV325-2
    • SV325-4
    • SV520
    • SV325-6
    • SV400
    • SV600
    • SV400x2
  • Pile Pressing Machine
    • PH350-X
    • PH1080-B
    • PH1200-B