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Company profile

SEMW (Shanghai Engineering Machinery Co., LTD.)

SEMW (Shanghai Engineering Machinery Co., LTD.)

Shanghai Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., abbreviated as SEMW, boasts a rich history dating back to its founding year in 1921. The company excels in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of a wide array of piling and deep foundation equipment. Their offerings include Trench Cutting & Re-mixing Deep Wall Equipment, Casing Rotator, Multi-shaft Agitating Auger, Pre-bored pre-cast Piling Rig, Hydraulic Pile Driving Rig, Hydraulic Walking Piling Rig, Diesel Pile Hammer, Electric Vibro Hammer, among others. These products find extensive application in major engineering endeavors, including expressways, skyscrapers, bridges, subways, airports, docks, power stations, and more.

The company offers the following types of construction equipment:

  • Casing Rotator
  • Hydraulic Hammer
  • Diesel Pile Hammer
  • Hydraulic Pile Driving Rig
  • Trench Cutting & Re-mixing Deep Wall Equipment