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Company profile



Movax stands as a global pioneer and provider of excavator-mounted piling equipment. As the original inventor of modular, vibratory side grip pile driver technology, Movax leads the industry in innovative solutions. Our offerings are designed to optimize work processes, resulting in increased productivity and substantial cost savings. We are committed to revolutionizing the piling industry, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in every project.

The company manufactures the following models of construction equipment:

  1. Side Grip Pile Drivers:
    • SG(VA) Variable Active
    • SG(V) Resonance-free
    • SG(F) Fixed Eccentric
    • SG(STD) Fixed Eccentric
    • SG(N) Fixed Eccentric/Lite
  2. Piling Hammers:
    • MOVAX DH Piling Hammers
  3. Piling Drills:
    • KB – Kelly bar type piling drill
    • TAD telescopic piling drill