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Company profile

Junttan Oy

Junttan Oy

Junttan Oy is a leading company specializing in the design and production of hydraulic piling equipment. Their product portfolio includes top-of-the-line pile driving rigs, versatile piling and drilling rigs, deep stabilisation rigs, hydraulic impact hammers, rotary heads, and power packs, making them a comprehensive provider in the industry.

Introducing Junttan construction equipment, designed for durability and efficiency in various construction projects. Explore our range of products:

Pile Driving Rigs:

  • PMx2e
  • PMx22
  • PMx4e
  • PMx24
  • PMx25
  • PMx26
  • PMx28

Hydraulic Impact Hammers – HHx Series:

  • HHX160/130
  • HHX160/160
  • HHX210/130
  • HHX210/160
  • HHX250
  • HHX300
  • HHX350

Hydraulic Impact Hammers – SHK Series:

  • SHK3
  • SHK5
  • SHK7
  • SHK9

Vibratory Hammers – VH Models:

  • VH25
  • VH30
  • VH50
  • VH80
  • VH120
  • VH200

Vibratory Hammers – VH VM Models:

  • VH8VM
  • VH12VM
  • VH16VM
  • VH20VM
  • VH24VM
  • VH30VM
  • VH40VM
  • VH50VM

Power Packs:

  • 10xCU
  • 15xCU
  • 20xCU

Multipurpose Drilling Rigs:

  • MPx50
  • MPx90

Experience the reliability and versatility of Junttan construction equipment for your next project.