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Company profile



Shanghai Jintai Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., a state-owned holding company affiliated with the construction machinery division of Shanghai Electric Corp, boasts a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1921. Previously listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Jintai has played a prominent role in the foundation industry. Notably, it had a joint venture with German company Bauer from 1996 to 2003.

Our primary focus revolves around the production of mechanic-electronic-hydraulic integrated foundation equipment. These cutting-edge solutions find extensive applications in various projects such as highways, railways, bridges, dams, harbors, subways, municipal constructions, geological prospecting, and underground water resource exploitation. Leveraging advanced world-standard technology and a proficient technical team, we continually strive for excellence.

Our production capabilities are enhanced by state-of-the-art facilities, enabling us to manufacture exceptional products. We take pride in our consistent recognition as a high and new tech enterprise for six consecutive years. In recent years, we have introduced more than ten specialized working methods annually, aligning with market demands. Our products effectively address technical challenges in many crucial national projects, making us eligible for government support in the form of policies, subsidies, and tax reductions.

Explore our extensive range of machinery:

SG-Series Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall Grabs:

  • SG22
  • SG35A
  • SG40A
  • SG40E
  • SG50
  • SG60

SD-Series Rotary Drills:

  • SD20A

SH-Series Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rigs:

  • SH25
  • SH36
  • SH30
  • SH15

SH-Series Hydraulic Pneumatically Actuated Percuss:

  • SH25H

GD-Series Large Diameter Hydraulic Driven Drilling:

ZKD-Series Multi-shafts Diaphragm Wall Drilling Rigs:

  • ZKD100A-3
  • ZKD100-3
  • ZKD85-3
  • ZKD85A-3
  • ZKD65-3A
  • ZKD36-5
  • ZKD5B-3

BZ-Series Hydraulic Walking Pile Frames:

  • BZ70

GPS-Series Engineering Drilling Rigs:

  • GPS-25D
  • GPS-22
  • GPS-18A
  • GPS-15
  • GPS-10
  • GPS-20

SPJ(T/C)-Series Water Equipment:

  • ST-600
  • SS-600
  • SPJC-400
  • SPJT-400
  • SPS-400
  • SPJC-300
  • SPJT-300
  • SPJ-300

Discover the performance and versatility of JINT construction equipment for your upcoming projects.