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In the realm of esteemed Japanese swords, meticulously crafted through expertise, experience, and deep-rooted know-how, the mark of the skilled artisan is etched profoundly. This engraving signifies that the sword was meticulously created by the master whose name it bears, a legacy passed down through generations for all time. We strive for our work to embody the same level of exceptional quality as a blade forged by a renowned master.

When each of us, as a vital member of this organization, comprehends our own role and responsibilities, setting forth with a clear goal and purpose, we take the initial step to leave our mark on our work. It holds great significance to complete a task that we can proudly and confidently present to others, saying, “This is a task I have personally accomplished.” This sentiment is particularly crucial for every Giken member, to stand independently and declare their contribution with pride.